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  The Kinobody fitness programs are time tested and have become somewhat notorious in the fitness world. Owner Greg O’Gallagher sports a seemingly ideal physique for his body type, and has made a series of programs that promise to deliver similar results. The Kinobody website showcases a number of programs for both men and women, though Kinobody is primarily geared more towards men, as made clear by the flagship programs, not so timidly named: The Greek God Program, The Warrior Shredding Program, and the SuperHero Bulking Program. There’s also a body weight rendition for those calisthenic junkies out there. Though the programs vary, they all incorporate intermittent fasting into the eating regimens. Though the jury may still be out on the efficacy of IF, we can at least say it’s working for Greg O’Gallagher and a large number of his clients, as per the success stories page on the Kinobody web site. If you’ve never heard of Kinobody, check out their physique builder tool below to see which program is best for you.

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