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Beachbody Coach Program

If you get around in fitness circles, you’ve probably heard about the Beachbody Coach Program at some point. I confess, this is not as much a fitness product as it is a fitness-related business opportunity. One that has brought thousands of fitness aficionados financial independence. It has the structure of an MLM, but one significant difference is that the products being promoted (the fitness programs, the supplements, etc) are sold, marketed, and advertised independently from the coach program. The products are all top notch and extremely popular. They essentially sell themselves. Everybody has heard of P90x or the Brazilian Butt Lift program. This, among other things, is what makes the coach program so much more profitable and so much more rewarding than typical MLMs.

So if you’re looking for a way to earn extra income, financial independence, or even just a community of like minded fitness friends, there is probably no better way to accomplish all of the above than the coach program. This is one MLM we highly recommend. Actually, it’s the only one.

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