Kinobody Fitness

The Kinobody fitness programs are time tested and have become somewhat notorious in the fitness world. Owner Greg O’Gallagher sports a seemingly ideal physique for his body type, and has made a series of programs that promise to deliver similar results. And one need only peruse the large gallery of before and affter pics from clients to that these programs deliver on that promise.

The Kinobody website showcases a number of different programs for both men and women, each tailored to different goals or physiques. Whether one is looking to bulk up, get shredded, achieve the Adonis physique, or increase strength and performance, one need only select the right protocol from the library of modestly named programs like The Greek God Program or the Movie Star Master Class. There’s also a body weight program for those calisthenic junkies out there, and one specifically for women.

The programs are extensive, very well structured, and even include lots of instructional videos to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly.

Generally speaking, the Kinobody approach seeks a lean, balanced physique as well as a balanced lifestyle. The training, while challenging, is flexible so as to be easily incorporated into one’s busy lifestyle. Same goes for the dietary recommendations. One core tenant of Kinobody has always been Intermittent Fasting (though optional.) Though the jury may still be out on the efficacy of IF, we can at least say it’s working for Greg O’Gallagher and a large number of his clients, as per the success stories page on the Kinobody web site.

The Kinobody website also offers personalized coaching and a large selection of high quality supplements. Making it somewhat of a one-stop shop for all your fitness goals.